Pictorial tools

To cater to the low literacy rates at the community level, we provide effective pictorial tools for skilled birth attendants to easily counsel pregnant women and their families, and to integrate in their clinical practice at no additional cost. A pictorial pamphlet called the M-checklist, which is a step-by-step guideline for administering misoprostol tablets after delivery. Skilled birth attendants use the M-checklist at their clinics and primary healthcare facilities to counsel and prepare pregnant women and their families on the use of misoprostol tablets for PPH prevention and treatment.


A Misocard which provides a list of all the generic brand names under which misoprostol tablets are available at the local pharmacy. The Misocard enables all health workers to easily purchase misoprostol tablets for their clinics or to provide the Misocard to pregnant women so they can directly purchase as well. This tool effectively ensures that health workers and their patients do not face access constraints in acquiring the tablets.​