Curriculum Design

Our modules are designed through self-explanatory pictorial images with the local Urdu language to cater to low literacy rates at the community level, making it easier for skilled birth attendants to learn and apply the taught clinical and behavioral skills on PPH prevention and treatment and to counsel pregnant women and their families.     

Our clinical module entails the following key components:

  1. Types and causes of PPH

  2. Provision of antenatal care and controlling high-risk pregnancy factors

  3. Active management of third stage of labour

  4. Use of uterotonics to prevent and treat PPH

  5. Protocols for the use of uterotonics (misoprostol and compression techniques)

  6. Warning signs of misoprostol use and follow up

  7. Side effects and precautions of misoprostol use

  8. Infection prevention and control for safe deliveries

Our behavioral module entails the following key components:

  1. Ensuring antenatal checkups for safe pregnancies and deliveries

  2. Overcoming socio-economic constraints that prevent access to safe deliveries 

  3. Raising awareness on the use of misoprostol tablets to prevent and treat PPH

  4. Overcoming healthcare access delays such as lack of decision making, insufficient funds and not identifying healthcare facilities in advance