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We believe access to affordable maternal and reprodcutdtive healthcare is a basic human right.

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Pakistan loses 14,000 women in childbirth every year,

which is 1 death every 37 minutes


maternal deaths in

Pakistan due to 

Postpartum Haemorrhage.


of Postpartum Haemorrhage cases are preventable and treatable.


tablets of misoprostol costing Rs.30 ($0.2) prevent the onset of Postpartum Haemorrhage.

Safe Delivery Safe Mother addresses the leading cause of Postpartum Haemorrhage (PPH), which is the loss of excessive blood after delivery. We work extensively at the community level with health workers who operate at their village clinics, conduct home visits, and are the first point of healthcare access, especially in rural and hard-to-reach areas.


The high incidence of PPH can be attributed to the majority of births taking place at home with unskilled birth attendants (village dais), the non-availability of essential obstetric facilities at the community level, limited access to primary and secondary healthcare facilities, and local socio-economic constraints, such as the lack of PPH awareness, low literacy rates, insufficient financial means, etc. By working at the community level, Safe Delivery Safe Mother makes the most direct impact in reducing PPH and maternal mortality in Pakistan.


At Safe Delivery Safe Mother, we train frontline health workers on prevention and treatment of Postpartum Haemorrhage (PPH) by equipping them with clinical and behavioural skills, which they integrate into their daily practice at the community level. We train community midwives and lady health visitors (skilled birth attendants) to identify and address the causes, dangers, and warning signs of PPH, with a focus on administering 3 misoprostol tablets as a standard cost-effective protocol after delivery.

To create local ownership and synergies at the primary healthcare level, we also conduct awareness sessions on PPH prevention and treatment with lady health workers and supervisors. This enables all community health workers to create PPH awareness, counsel pregnant women and their families on socio-economic constraints, and to collectively ensure that pregnant women deliver with a skilled birth attendant whether at home or at a healthcare facility.

A Closer Look 


Our Work


We extensively monitor the efficacy and impact of our trainings, through clinical and behavioral skills assessment, monthly refresher sessions, performance tracking, focus group discussions, patient interviews, and clinic/health facilities visits. Our rigorous monitoring and evaluation mechanism assesses knowledge retention, uptake of acquired skills, and the integration of provided tools into skilled birth attendants’ clinical practice.

We designed and launched a novel SDSM mobile app in Urdu for our trained birth attendants to report monthly data in real-time on the uptake of taught cost-effective PPH prevention techniques and key maternal health indicators. Through our easy to use app, we have created standardised metrics for community level comparisons on the incidence of PPH, its prevention and maternal health indicators across Pakistan. 

Through comprehensive analysis of our monitoring tools, we observed that health workers had successfully integrated the acquired knowledge and skills into their clinical practice and were effectively counseling pregnant women and their families by using the M-checklist and Misocard tools to raise awareness on PPH prevention and treatment. Additionally, a majority of health workers recognized the need for long-term commitment to overcome local social customs and misconceptions that prevent maternal healthcare access.

Based on the success of our work, we aim to reach areas with more poverty, higher illiteracy, and limited access; where there is a critical need to provide skilled birth attendants at the community level. 

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